Bipolar Ionization in Indoor Air Quality Systems

For over 10 years, ionization technology has been used in a variety of commercial HVAC applications such as schools, medical facilities, and retail outlets. The ionizer generates positive and negative ions that are carried by the airstream to with the purpose of treating the entire ventilation system as well as the air in the breathing spaces. This process targets certain viruses, bacteria, mold, spores and fungi through cell oxidation as well as VOCs and odors through a chemical reaction at a molecular level.


Why add ionizers to HVAC Systems? 

  • Targets certain viruses and bacteria
  • Easy to install 
  • No maintenance is needed
  • Dry contacts tie into BAS controls to verify operation


How do ionizers interact with HVAC Systems? 

  • Installs in the airstream of HVAC equipment (Nominal Tonnages up to 50)
  • The PA660 (fan mounted), 7000 series (duct mounted) and Plasma BAR (coil mounted)
  • 24V AC powered; up to 20,000 CFM
  • Simple 2 or 4 wire installation


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